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    Mobile App for  Real Estate
    Share Property Details
    Property Photo Gallery
    Interactive Amenities
    Request More Info on a Property Listing
    View Property on Map - GPS enabled Search
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    Salon and spa owners know just how important it is to have exceptional customer service.
    Hair salon and spa mobile application is an easy way
    to provide excellent customer service to
    customers even before they step into your business premises.
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    Restaurant Mobile Application
    SonitekApps, the leading app developing organization majorly deals with the
    development of Restaurant Mobile Application. To take the restaurant
    business on heights most of the businessmen are willing to get an
    innovative and unique app for their customers.

Sonitek App Solutions

Sonitek Apps Specializes in

Vast library of Custom & Pre-built Mobile App Solutions, Development of Mobile-compatible Responsive Websites,
Online & Social Media Marketing of Mobile Apps & Websites

Salon & Spa
Real Estate
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Responsive design schemes that adjust to the environment of the user, from varying browser widths to different devices, with a single design scheme and URL.

Pre-built Mobile Apps Library

Our innovative & unique package of mobile apps, designed with extensive research & consideration - a concept that virtually fits for a wide range of industries & their business model.


Responsive Website Design

A new technology that makes your website adapt to any screen size or mobile platform with a single URL structure, making it more robust, quick-to-load, user & Seo-friendly website.


Interactive Tablet Menu App

Our proprietery application developed for the Hospitality industry to replace the orthodox paper menu and present their Menu & Services digitally to their guests with online ordering feature.


SEO / SMM / Reputation Management & Maintenance

From increasing your local business visibility on Search Engines & Social Media to improving your business reputation online, we offer a one-stop-shop for all your SEO/SMM needs.

iPhone/iPad App Development

We adapt new approach for each iPhone and iPad app that we develop for improved customer satisfaction and raise business benefits.


BlackBerry App Development

Committed to build powerful apps for blackberry users to enhance their experience and be addicted to our apps.


Android App Development

With an extensive consultative development process we come up with some interesting and amazing apps for Android users.


Windows Mobile App Development

To gratify Windows mobile users, our developers set strategies to create user-friendly apps and meet the growing demand.



Contact us at: 1-877-335-7664

or drop an email at webmail@sonitek.ca for a FREE quote on your project or any general inquiry.


Being amongst the top-rated mobile application development companies in Canada, SonitekApps has now come-up with their unique pre-built mobile app solution bundled with a mobile-compatible 'Responsive' website synced real-time, for various industries such as Real Estate, Spa & Salon, Restaurants, Retail and others across all major mobile platforms such as iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry and Windows. With its strategic thinking and goals, SonitekApps thrives to provide effective business apps within and beyond the boundaries of Canada.
  • Increase online visibility and existence within the mobile users & market.
  • Generate new leads and profit to business.
  • Enhance the work proceedings in and out of the organization.
  • Brings exemplary experience to customers with ease-of-access.
  • Bring loyalty among customers and provision to connect on-the-go.
  • Improve over-all efficiency.
  • Enhance your social networking strategies.
  • Stay connected – anytime, anywhere, with your clients.

SonitekApps promises to deliver top class results in developing web apps & native apps which eventually beat-out industry competitors.

The company focuses in developing Responsive websites as well. As a result, the company has started working on several kinds of website designing projects including:
  • Responsive CMS Websites
  • Responsive Product Catalog Websites
  • Responsive E-Commerce Websites
  • Customized Website Design

SonitekApps Reseller Program

With our White Label ‘Reseller Program’, it creates a vast opportunity for individuals & companies to setup a recurring revenue stream to sell Mobile Apps, Website & SEO solutions, custom-branded with their organization name, domain and with no reference to SonitekApps. We keep at the fore-front and provide you the labour-force to develop the product and you deliver it to your clients directly, whereas, SonitekApps continues to manage the system, server hosting etc. on your behalf.

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