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Sonitek builds and develops mobile and web applications across all platforms. Our professional team of programmers, developers, designers, and project managers deliver powerful and creative solutions to help you grow your business and create new opportunities.

The development team at Sonitek Apps has extensive expertise in the latest technologies and business practices. We understand your business and your technology and marketing needs. Sonitek specialize in custom mobile apps and web application development services – we also offer pre-designed mobile apps that are customizable and cost effective. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable, and affordable partner to develop your mobile app and web application, your search ends with Sonitek.

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A Lot More than Just Coding: The Right Way to Develop a Mobile App

Mobile apps development is not limited to coding & design. The development process comprises of numerous steps, such as design, development, quality testing, and much more. In simple words, it isn’t mere a linear procedure with simple steps.  The best approach has hundreds of complicated aspects, and only an experienced company or developer can understand […]

Get Over these 3 Common Apps Development Challenges

Every application development project is unique in its own way. And developers face numerous challenges in the process. However, almost every project faces some common problems.  In this blog, we will discuss these app development challenges. Product Delays & Budget Overruns This is one of the biggest challenges of mobile apps development.  This problem is […]

3 Ways to Enhance the E-commerce Mobile Apps

Developing E-commerce or retailer apps is a tricky process.  It is difficult to lure average shoppers to download the app. It is even more difficult to retain the users. However, mobile transactions are going up; buyers are purchasing more on apps than mobile websites.   It implies that apps can benefit retailers or e-commerce business. In […]